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Creativity is essential to marketing and business development. My background in visual arts has widely developed my critical thinking and ability to think outside the square and come up with fresh new ideas.


Carlie Blanchett-Burton



Carlie Blanchett-Burton is a designer, copywriter and creative thinker who has built up a wealth of marketing knowledge through years of hands on experience in the retail and hospitality industries. A graduate of Massey University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and written communication, copywriting is one of her particular strengths. Completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts allowed Carlie to fully develop a strong visual aesthetic and digital design skills needed to offer a complete marketing package. 


Years of working in the creative arts has turned Carlie into an idea's machine, always thinking of new and innovative ideas for networking and building businesses. Digital strategy and customer relationship building is Carlie’s passion. This involves helping companies embrace content based marketing and social media to build connections with their customers. Carlie has experience in most digital and traditional communication channels, her particular strength is in direct marketing.


Carlie is also strongly involved in not for profit work and manages the marketing and media profiles for CollaboratioNZ, an international biennial art event in Whangarei. She is passionate about the Matakana region and enjoys working with local businesses to increase tourism and revenue. Art and music are both integral parts of Carlie's life that help keep the creative fires burning.


You can engage Carlie as a consultant, a contractor, subcontractor, for a one-off project, or work with her on a monthly subscription basis. Carlie can call upon trusted associates in the industry to work with for larger projects.


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